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We want to give people the platform to make a difference in our community.
From cleaning the dishes to designing a social media post, we offer opportunities where you can gain experience, discover a new passion, or help jump start your career in the disability industry.

So, we invite you to participate in a caring, selfless, and respectful work environment.

Why Volunteer?

Learn New Skills

Gain practical experience

Make a difference in the lives of others

Launch pad for a new career

Meet new people


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Ways to Help


Disability Services

Volunteers can help our participants with tasks like gardening, house cleaning, and cooking. Volunteers can also assist by coaching or tutoring participants with a certain life skill which can enable them to live more independently.



Occasionally, we join disability expos around NSW. Volunteers can help us with the bump in and bump out, setting up the booth, and engaging with the clients. We also need volunteer photographers or videographers to help us document the event.


Admin Support

Volunteers can help us with the graphic designs, photography or videography production, website management, and content writing. Volunteers can also do trainings or lectures about admin related software or program that can improve workplace productivity.

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