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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide a better learning platform for people with disabilities and provide them with access to the various platform that will enable them to live independently.

Our vision is to bring more opportunities and options for people with disabilities to give them access to various platforms in pursuing personal interests, hobbies, and new skills.

Who We Are

Ability Skillmate is your mate to discover your Ability! Our organisation is highly focused on skill-building and we specialize in creating engaging programs to make our participants in all activities and learning engagements well received. With our interactive learning space, we provide the right facility for a better learning experience.


At Ability Skill-mate, we call each other “skill-mates”! In the interactive learning space, everyone is called a skill-mate. May you be a facilitator, teacher, support worker, or participant, we will call each other skill-mate! Because everyone in the centre will your partner to learn new and develop your skill.

Management Team

One of the organisation’s strength is built upon our management team who truly value the people and the sector we serve. With their combined expertise and experience in the field, they are the driving force of the company to manage staff in providing quality care services and empowering participants in the community.

Manjula Singh

CEO & Founder

Satish Sharma

Managing Director

Noriline (Norie) Palileo

Business Development &
Welfare Centre Manager

Sian Muller

Occupational Therapist Assistant

Marlo Soriano

Client Engagement Officer

Keshav Sharma

HR Team Member

For More Information

Ready to take the first step? To find out more about our services and programs, please contact via the link below.