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The Interactive Learning Space

We provide the right facility to help our participants to learn the best possible way. Our interactive learning space provides the best venue for people with disabilities to learn the skills to help them become more independent, discover new skills, and be able to interact with other participants.

Our Interactive Learning Spaces include:

Sensory & Play Room  |  Multipurpose Activity Room  |  Technology & Computer Area
Creative Cooking Facility  |  Outdoor & Gardening Space

Sensory & Play Room

This room is designed for special needs children (i.e. autistic children) and it is a space designed to help an individual with sensory issues learn to regulate their brain’s negative reactions to external stimuli by developing coping skills for these experiences.

Multipurpose Activity Room

We have dedicated this space to provide room for general group activities that participants may join. Our social group activities, art workshops, music activities, movie time, dance, exercise, role play drama, interactive games, and play workshop will be held here on a regular basis.

Technology & Computer Area

This room is designed for promoting modern technology to improve quality of life, such as building up a daily routine, assist in financial management, task reminder, leisure activities, office use software, etc. Moreover, it also involves Return-to-Work or Ready-to-Work training program for clients to prepare to work. It will also include the School work Hub to assist our client’s schoolwork to try to keep them on track in their school.

Creative Cooking Facility

This room is designed for cooking activities which include baking, pan-frying, roasting, grilling, poaching, simmering, stewing, etc. It will include different levels of cooking according to the participant’s age, capability, and ability. It can help our participants to develop skills in cooking so that they can participate in cooking in the future at their own place or as their career in the future.

Gardening & Outdoor Activities

We have dedicated this space to organize activities such as gardening or mini-group social gatherings within this outdoor area of Ability Skill-mate's learning space.

Learning Groups

At Ability Skill-mate, we want you to have new friends, expand your network, and learn how to socialize. Hence, we created social groups that your participants may be thrilled to join!


Kids Zone

For kids from 7-12 years old.


Teens Group

For teenagers aged from 13-18 years old.


Young Adult Group

For males or females aged from 19-35 years old.


Men's Hour

For men aged 36-54 years old.


Women's Moment

For women aged 36-54 years old.


Silver Hair Social Group

For seniors aged 55 and over.

For More Information

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